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The Water Dancer is a mix of historical fiction and fantasy

A Review by Cherrie Dittman

I listened to the eAudiobook of "The Water Dancer" by Ta-Nehisi Coates on RB Digital. This was a good listen; I enjoyed the experience and I recommend it.

In short, this book is both historical fiction and fantasy. This story takes place in the past, Hiram Walker, a young man born in Virginia and into slavery, in a time before the Civil War, a time known as the Antebellum South. The book follows Hiram's life from childhood to adulthood and from slavery to freedom. The historical part of the book can be found in the setting and the climate of the story, created from the author's extensive historical research. (A well know historical figure even makes an appearance!)

The narration of the audiobook keeps the listener absorbed in where the story is taking place and who it is happening to. The fantasy part of the story is that Hiram has superhuman powers! His power is called Conduction, it's a type of transporting. Just by evoking sensitive memories, Hiram can transport himself and others across great distances, in any direction. Even......South to North.

The Water Dancer is available as an eBook on OverDrive and through CloudLibrary, or check out the audiobook on RB Digital or OverDrive.

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