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The Skeletons of Scarborough House: A fun cozy mystery

A review by Jen Holden

Welcome to Chapelwick a charming English town in the hills of Shropshire, where Melody Bittersweet, having just turned 27 and feeling like her life finally needs to start, opens her own ghostbusting agency. The agency is operating out of her family home with her best friend Marina, her new assistant Artie, and her one-eared pug Lestat. Melody comes from a long line psychics and is able to see and communicate with ghosts. Their first ghost-busting job is for a man named Donovan Scarborough who is trying to sell his home and is currently trying to get it exorcised by none other than Leo Dark, Melody’s ex. Melody convinces Donovan to give her chance at settling the ghosts, and Donovan doesn’t care who gets the job done, he just wants the ghost gone.

Melody soon discovers the resident phantoms are three brothers, one who was murdered at 20, while the others lived to an old age. But did the family exile the right brother, or did the true killer get away with it? We are also introduced to a character named Fletch who is a journalist trying to disprove the existence of ghosts. Melody soon finds she is attracted to Fletch, might still have feelings for Leo, and is intrigued by a flirtatious ghost.

Melody is fun-loving character who loves sweets and has a habit of letting a Magic 8 Ball help her with all her big life decisions. I found myself laughing out loud at certain parts and when she came upon obstacles I cheered her on. Overall, I really enjoyed listening this book, it was funny and a charming book to read and the cast of characters that really made the story a great read.

Narration for this story is provided by Cat Gould who manages to bring Melody to life, with all of her insecurities, embarrassing moments with family (those are hysterical).

This is the first book in a series that can be found on audiobook on both RB Digital and Hoopla. It is classified as a funny romantic cozy mystery and is 9 hours and 27 min.

This is the PERFECT choice for fans of HY Hanna, Janet Evanovich, MC Beaton, and Gina LaManna, who’ll find themselves completely hooked and crying with laughter as they join Melody and her crew on this spooky adventure.

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