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Daughter of Rome is an enjoyable inspirational story

A review by Alaina Henderson

Daughter of Rome is written by Tessa Afshar and was released February 4, 2020. It is classified as an inspirational fiction and Biblical life story. You can find this digital book in both audio format on RB Digital and digital format on Hoopla. If you prefer the audio format the running time is 11 hours and 16 minutes long and the narrator for the audio is Pilar Witherspoon. This narrator is not one of my favorite narrators, especially not for a biblical fiction because she has a heavy southern accent. I have listened to her while reading historical fiction from the Civil War time period and have enjoyed her narration; however, I find the anachronism awkward. She also tends to pause in unusual parts of a question. I started and stopped listening to the book 3 times before it was interesting enough for me to get past the accent.

All that aside, time travel back to the early day of Christendom, the start of the Christian church. This book is set in the period of about 33 AD where Rome ruled a large portion of the known world. The story begins at a point where a young lady is living under a heavy-handed brother, unmarried and with a child. During this time period she could be cast out of her home to live on the streets and if society wanted she could be stoned to death. It is against this backdrop the story opens. While in the doctor's office the lead character notices another young lady, the emperor's niece. She reaches out to her, mistake 1, she will go on to make a couple more of these mistakes with the emperor’s niece eventually costing her everything she owns. As the story progresses a couple of characters that are expected appear but in a way that is not expected. The story ends in a good way and some of the characters are left in such a way that they could eventually have their own storyline. I did enjoy the story and will continue to read the author’s works, but hopefully just with the same narrator.

If you enjoy Jill Eileen Smith, Connilyn Cossette or Mesa Andrews you will enjoy Daughter of Rome, they all share a love of Biblical fiction.

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