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A review by Susan Allred

Return: Native American women Reclaim Foodways for Health and Spirit is a 30-minute documentary packed with information about the coming together of Native American tribes to re-learn their indigenous food systems, and why it's imperative that they do. Roxanne Swentzell of Santa Clara Peublo, New Mexico, is a sculptor and founder of Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute. She explains how the food that is typically eaten by Native Americans is substandard for their genetics and causes a myriad of health consequences. With the help of women from other tribes, she created a program that teaches her community how to grow, gather, and eat as close to "pre-contact" food as possible. Roxanne calls it food sovereignty, which means being able to grow and eat what you want with your community. This feeds their spirit as well as their people, helping them to remember who they are. This documentary, although quick, was very insightful.

This documentary is available with a library card through Kanopy in its free views section.

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