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A must-read historical fiction by Elizabeth Gilbert

A review by Stacy Roy

The City of Girls is a wonderfully written historical fiction novel written by Elizabeth Gilbert.

This story is told by Vivian, an older woman looking back on her younger days as a young girl in her twenties. Vivian is sent to New York City in the late 1940s by her parents to live with her aunt Peg. Her aunt owns a somewhat run-down theater that could actually use Vivian’s help, whom just happens to be a wonder seamstress and designer. She comes to love the life in the theater and uses her sewing skills to win over the many colorful characters in the book, who all actually live quite large. Eventually Vivian gets caught up in life behind the scenes. She experiences joy, love, sex, anger, triumphs and tragedies. All in all she is at peace with her life and all the she had done.

For historical fiction fans, this is a must read. I really enjoyed this book, I felt as if I had stepped into New York City back in the day. It was a really fun read that will be hard to forget! You can find The City of Girls on Overdrive, both on e-book and audiobook. The audiobook is read by Blair Brown and is 15 hours and eight minutes. You may also find this audiobook on RBDigital.

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