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A graphic novel that's great as an audiobook

A review by Cherrie Dittman

New Kid by Jerry Craft came up on HOOPLA while I was searching for something else. As an audiobook it caught my attention because I was familiar with the cover as a graphic novel. That was about all I knew except that it was middle school-themed and that it was a pretty big deal because it was the first graphic novel to be awarded a Newberry Medal. This made me curious: how would a graphic novel translate to an audio book?

Having never read the graphic novel, I dove into the audio version. It was great! A simple, personal story of Jordan and his experience as the new kid at school, with twist of thought at the end about what being a "new kid" can be. A full cast of narrators bring the characters to life, and a catch phrase that clues you in on when Jordan is visually communicating his imagination in his sketchbook. I did not feel like I missed out by not having the illustrations. I think kids would like this audio book, I think that it might be inspiring for those who relate, and I also think that it could encourage deliberate thought towards other people for those who cannot relate. I am eager to read the graphic version of this story next!

New Kid is available on HOOPLA in the Comics section or as an Audiobook. It is also available as an ebook on both OverDrive and cloudLibrary

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